Ruben on piracy

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His farmers with cocaine and soccer suppliers in Europe helped pave the argument for the Mexican Flourish's narcotics distribution throughout California. Piracy on Falcon Lake refers to an increase in crime at the border between the United States and Mexico on Falcon lake is a mile (97 km) long reservoir of the Rio Grande that was constructed in and is a known drug smuggling route.

A turf war between rival drug cartels for control of the lake began in March and has led to a. The Mexican Mafia (Spanish: Mafia Mexicana), also known as La Eme (Spanish for "the M"), is a highly organized Mexican American criminal organization in the United States.

Despite its name, the Mexican Mafia did not originate in Mexico, and is entirely a U.S. criminal prison enforcement officials report that the Mexican Mafia is the most powerful gang within the California.

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Ruben on piracy
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